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Third-Party Moving Insurance

Did you know moving companies are not allowed to sell you insurance, however, are required to provide two options for liability coverage?


... is a third-party provider that provides full coverage insurance

for your goods while in transport. 

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Types of Third-Party Moving Insurance offers third-party moving insurance coverage for interstate, intrastate, and international moves.


You can select from three coverage types:
All Risk: This is the most comprehensive insurance that covers the full repair or
replacement value at your final destination of damaged or lost items, with no depreciation.

Named Perils: Covers only losses that result from causes explicitly listed in the terms
and conditions of the policy. This insurance does not provide coverage for losses
occurring at the time of loading or unloading of the insured goods, whether done by the
insured or by any other party loading or unloading the goods, whether a professional or non-professional entity.

Total loss: As a low-cost alternative, coverage is only provided if 100 percent of your
belongings are lost or damaged in a catastrophic event, such as fire, flood, stolen truck,
sunk vessel, etc. It does not cover any individual items that have been damaged during the move.

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