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Moving FAQ, Tips, & Guidance

Moving can be overwhelming, even to those that have experience. 


Here you'll find ways to prepare, view safety guidance, and tips on how to tackle the task.  


  • The Lead Mover will be the customer's point of contact throughout the move.  

  • Upon arrival at the move site, the customer and Lead Mover will do a walk-thru of the premises to construct the plan of action for the day.  Any special requests can also be examined during this time.  A review of the contract and then a collection of signatures will start the process.  

  • The moving team will be briefed with instructions

  •  Moving items and prepping furniture begins, along with loading the truck according to the plan.  

  • Once all furniture and belongings are packed, travel to the destination location.  

  • Unload and designate items per customers' instructions. 

  • Upon completion, the customer will confirm their satisfaction with the move and the Lead Mover will collect signatures and payment.  


It's always best to ask a lot of questions before committing, so here are some important things to know before "moving" forward.


Prohibited Items Moverster Dallas does NOT move

Hazardous /Flammable Materials/ Toxic Chemicals:                      Gasoline/Diesel, Propane Tanks, Guns & Ammunition Paint, Motor Oil (Any lawn tools must be clean of dirt and grass and empty of fuel). 

Items of Value: 

Jewelry, Precious Metals & Gems, Cash, Laptops, Important Documents, Keys 


Food, perishables, and liquids are prohibited due to the nature of spilling and damaging your items at any time during the move.  Animals - do we need to explain...

Does Movester Dallas unhook appliances?

Yes, we will be happy to unhook your appliances like a washer/dryer.  However, if connections at the new location are not compatible you will be responsible for hooking it up.  

Does Movester Dallas Remove TVs from the wall?

NO, all customers are responsible for removing TVs and mounts from walls and furniture.  Customers are responsible for installation at delivery addresses as well.


Movester Dallas does NOT install TV's, soundbars, speaker systems, pictures, artwork, or anything requiring permanent installation to walls.  A handyman or special installer should be used for these items.  

Does Movester Dallas Assemble/Disassemble Beds?

Yes, we provide the very basic assembly and disassembly.

Can I fill dresser drawers or leave my clothes in wardrobes or dressers?  

NO.  All furniture wardrobes, cabinetry, and dressers should be empty for the move.  Unfortunately, items in drawers and cabinets don't distribute weight evenly, and most often cause damage to your furniture.  DON'T DO IT

Are you Licensed and Insured?

Yes, per Texas DMV requirements along with DOT compliance

Does Movester Dallas provide moving pads and packing materials?

Yes, every truck is equipped with moving blankets, packing tape, shrink wrap, and dollies. 

MOVING LABOR ONLY CUSTOMERS - Movester Dallas does NOT provide moving blankets for these jobs.  Customers are responsible for renting their own blankets.  You will need 1-2 blankets for each furniture piece, depending on size.  

How To Schedule Movester Dallas 

  • Once you have received and agreed to the moving quote, in order to schedule your move, a deposit will be required to reserve your appointment.  

  • Appointments are scheduled from 8 am to 2 pm.  

  • Deposits are non-refundable and are applied towards the total bill at the end of your move.  

What if I need to cancel or change the date of my move?


  • Your deposit is forfeited and non-refundable if you cancel your move at any time.  

  • Your deposit will not be applied to the final invoice if any changes are made less than 3 days from your move date.  You will need to provide a new deposit for your new move date, which will then be applied to the final invoice.    

Packing Tips 

The absolute best thing you can do is, BE PREPARED.  Give yourself ample time to pack your belongings the correct way.  

1. Be sure to secure boxes with tape on the bottom before you start filling them.  Once filled secure the box closed with tape. 

2. Pack heavier items on the bottom of your boxes and work up with lighter items.  

3. Fill empty spaces with newspaper or packing material - you don't want gaps in your boxes between items.  There is more chance of damage to your stuff once the boxes get moved and stacked on top of one another.  

4. Do not overfill boxes with heavy items.  Our movers need to be able to lift boxes by themselves, so packing too many heavy items together can cause injury.  

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